No Follow Links Imply Zero Link Juice

Do-follow vs. No-follow, which to follow and which to ignore? This has always been a hot topic in the SEO community. Since no-follow links literally ‘tell’ the search engines not to follow the respective link, is it worth it to add them into the content optimization plan?

The short answer: Yes, they are totally worth it and you should add them into your outsourcing content.

Do No Follow Link Matter?

In early September 2019, Google announced a change in how they will crawl no-follow links. Now, Google will view the no-follow attribute as a hint and may choose to use these links for ranking purposes, a stark departure from their previous policy. That’s great news for publishers who are seeking high quality backlinks from sites that still only give no-follow links (such as

No-follow links also bring in substantial referral traffic to the destination sites. Once you get the traffic on your site, you can convert them and move them to the sales funnel Remember, follow or no-follow, a high-quality referral will always do well for your business.

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