Links on High PR (PageRank) Sites Are the Only Ones That Matter

PageRank, named both after Google co-founder Larry Page and a clever reference to its function, is a patented algorithm used by Google to measure the importance of a website in order to rank it. This algorithm counts the number of links and the quality of linking domain to assign a score, which serves as Google’s trust vote. PageRank is still used as one of Google’s ranking factors, so let’s discuss it’s role in the context of link building in more detail.

Link building in SEO matters a lot. If you have backlinks of your website on high authority and high page ranking website, it is sure to give a boost to your business. Links are built on websites to help Google understand the relevance of the content. It also helps in driving organic traffic to your website.

Now, it does not mean that links on websites having a low PR do not matter. Links built on low ranking sites also contribute to the growth and outreach of your business. However, they are not as beneficial as the high PR ones. For example, let’s say you own a business of renting cars. The ideal websites for posting your backlink should be of travel agents or hotels offering car rental packages to tourists and visitors. You would obviously go for a website with heavy footfall and high PageRank.

Or, consider a scenario where you are placing a backlink to your website on a yoga institute that does not have a high page ranking. If the institute attracts students from far away places, your site is sure to attract traffic. This is what meaningful and contextual linking is all about. A low ranking page might not be of the same value for your site as a high PR one. But context and relevance may just tilt the balance in favor of a low PR site if it can create a more meaningful user journey and bring more leads.

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