SEO for Law: The Complete Guide

Search engine optimization is simultaneously one of the most powerful, yet underused, tools in a law firm’s digital marketing kit. As advancements in search continue, it has completely disrupted the way people look for legal services. In this blog, we’ll walk you through exactly what is law firm SEO, why it’s important for your legal ... Read More

5 Copywriting Tips For Better SEO

  I have a confession to make about the SEO industry. Most of the content you find online is boring. Capital-B, Boring. And if, somehow, it’s not boring, then it’s poorly optimized for SEO. To be honest, out of the dozens of articles I read every week, there are only a handful that are not ... Read More

Are You Ready For Mobile-First Indexing?

Have you ever wondered why some websites whizz past others while some only play catch up? One major reason for this is that the whizzers always keep evolving with the ever-changing Google updates. Which brings us to Google’s mobile-first indexing. In this article, we’ll talk about what is mobile first indexing, when it’s going to ... Read More

Is Keyword Research Dead?

Is keyword research dead in 2020? The short, clear, and loud answer to this question is “No!” Keyword research is still the backbone of inbound marketing. It lets businesses know what their potential customers are searching for and assists marketers with creating an effective marketing funnel – spreading brand awareness, grabbing the attention of potential ... Read More

The Best Link Building Strategies For 2020

It’s no secret that backlinks remain one of the most important SEO ranking factors and continue to play a vital role in SERP rankings. That’s why SEOs need to find the best ways to earn high-quality backlinks that can help improve rankings and traffic for their sites. In this post, we will not only reveal ... Read More

Optimizing site load speed: A guide for SEMs and SEOs

Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) and Search Engine Marketers (SEMs) both have to deal with a wide array of optimization elements for promoting the websites. Site speed optimization is one of Google’s most significant 200 ranking elements. Even though SEO is solely related to ranking sites higher on search engines and SEM includes marketing tactics as ... Read More

How To Optimize For “Near Me” Searches

The use of voice-enabled devices has increased exponentially during the past few months. These include Alexa from Amazon and Google Home. Another similar phenomenon is the rise in local searches carried out by smartphones and other hand-held devices. Recent research has revealed that by 2021, search queries through hand-held devices will be responsible for around ... Read More


Hurray, you got a new dashboard! This is something we’ve been working on for a while here at LinkBuilding HQ. Right from the get-go, we knew our clients would love an analytical dashboard that simplifies complex data into oh-so-delicious pie charts and geeky graphs. Hey, we all want to feel like a true data wiz! ... Read More

Importance of Consistent Link Building

What is Link Building? Simply put, link building is an SEO marketing strategy that seeks to link an increasing number of websites/webpages to your own by placing your own hyperlinks around the internet real estate with an aim to increase the number and quality of inbound links to your own website. Obviously, there are a ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Link Building

Hands down, link building is still the most important element of SEO. A recent study that focused around a million SERP results revealed that the amount of domains that are linked to a webpage is definitely the most important element when it comes to link building ranking. Seeing different websites promoting your webpage keeps Google ... Read More

Google’s De-Indexing Issue – Not Fixed Yet!

Thursday last week, Google started de-listing many URLs from the index and after lots of complains from the webmaster and SEO community, I initially thought, this is another Google’s uninformed update. So, as usual, I started looking into the test websites and found no pattern and Google was literally de-listing many websites. On April 6th ... Read More

How to Build Links in Difficult Niches?

Content and content marketing, is becoming the core of any digital marketing strategy and taking over the internet. It has many types; a blog, video or an advertisement. Content has become the heart of digital marketing channels. All marketers and business owners should be interested in link building, to increase the visibility and ranking among ... Read More

Debunking the Common Myths in Link Building

Link building helps link webpages by obtaining hyperlinks from another website and apply those to your own website. It is an important factor of SEO marketing; one cannot survive if he is not familiar with this strategy. Since links are the soul of today’s business, this article will thoroughly help you to debunk common myths ... Read More

What is Automated Link Building

Link building has always been the epitome of creating a successful online profile where the general awareness of the brand, its relevance and authenticity are put into perspective. Link building is all about building a solid reputation among the search engine algorithms by improving the Domain Authority or using link building campaigns in conjunction with ... Read More

How to Build Links for an E-Commerce Website?

A lot of people, and even businesses, make the terrible mistake of underestimating the importance of link building. It is a challenging aspect of SEO, but it can also be quite rewarding. For a successful link building campaign, it is vital for you to develop effective content and outreach strategies, as this will make it ... Read More

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