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The more backlinks you have, the better

Before we get into the details of how many backlinks you should have or what number is optimum for your website, let us establish what backlinks actually are. Quite evident from the name, backlinks are basically links to your website that are placed on an external sources. The main rationale behind their placement is to ensure more outreach and market expansion. This is done because the websites where you put your backlinks are catering to a larger and diverse audience than yours. But sometimes these links can be damaging to your brand name and to your outreach.

First of all, if you go for quantity of your backlinks and care little about the quality of the website you are putting them on, it will prove to be detrimental to your brand image. Without a thorough background check, associating your brand name with those websites can damage your goodwill. Moreover, too many backlinks everywhere will increase your site’s bounce rate as many users will land on your website but will leave as soon as they realize your page is not relevant for their search intent. That’s why your best bet is to focus on quality rather than quantity.

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