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Links for inner pages are irrelevant compared to those for the homepage

That’s not true at all. Links could be directed to any page of your website, provided they are all natural. Both your home page and internal pages have equal relevance when it comes to link building. It is advisable to have back links spread around your website rather than sending more links to your homepage only.

Sometimes, internal linking and back linking your internal pages builds a connection with the visitors of your website. Choosing the correct keyword and linking to internal pages can benefit you from an SEO perspective, direct the user along their search journey and push your rankings higher. You will notice that e-commerce websites emphasize direct backlinks to their internal products pages as these pages play an important role in selling their products.

In order to build links valuable for your business needs, you should do the following:

  • Give extra attention to the nature of your links.
  • Pick your anchor text carefully.
  • Build unique content.
  • Make sure your website is trustworthy.
  • Choose to backlink your website wisely.
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