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Which Links Are Most Valuable?

It has been established that Google’s search algorithm heavily relies on backlinks, making them crucial to SEO and site rankings.

Links are necessary if you want a high page rank and organic traffic for your website. But quality is always prioritized over quantity in link building. A website with good-quality links will get a higher Google ranking as compared to a website having too many low-quality links.

If you want to improve your website’s search performance, build valuable links. At the same time, make sure you have a very natural link profile.

A valuable link is the one that

  • Comes from a trusted site
  • Comes from a site that is relevant to your website.
  • It is natural since they make better contextual sense to websites at both ends.
  • Comes from a site that has high traffic

Although a backlink from a website with high traffic is extremely valuable, it is not possible to have all the backlinks from high-traffic sites, so choose to expend your efforts wisely.


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