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8 Best Ways to build High Quality Backlinks in 2023

While the SEO world has always been a dynamic one, Link Building is one of the few factors that still remains as relevant as ever. Moreover, no website can rule the SERPs without having a good backlink profile.

Google has been quite clear about back linking since the beginning. Backlinks should be natural and never be bought. This is because Google considers backlinks as one of the most precious signals to a website’s authority, and when backlinks are placed artificially or bought, then this games the Search Engine’s system.

This is why Google has been taking measures to ensure that all artificial links are identified and nullified. Currently, Google actually has an AI that specifically targets unnatural backlinks and informs the search engine about it. This was all the Link Spam Update was about at the end of 2022.

However, true link building, or acquiring links via legitimate means, isn’t an impossibility. In fact, getting the right backlinks for your website only requires employing the right methods, and you can easily create high quality backlinks in no time.

So, here are 8 simple methods illustrating how to build quality backlinks that you should be using in 2023. If you feel these require too much effort and aren’t DIY enough, you can always employ an SEO Link Building Service to ensure your Links are built to perfection.

1. Outreach and Pitch to relevant websites

The first and often considered best method of link building still remains the same. Simply outreach to the websites that are relevant to your industry. While this is one of the oldest methods to build high-quality backlinks for your website, it is the pitching technique that matters the most.

However, before you start emailing websites to procure a backlink, it’s imperative to analyze whether acquired backlinks from those websites will even be worthy of your outreach. There are a few metrics you need to keep in mind for this “website audit.” These include:

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Website Age
  3. Website Structure

However, the most important factor you should ensure is that any website you reach be completely legit. This means that no black hat tactics are being used on these websites.

Once you have shortlisted the websites to outreach, create a pitch that aligns with your brand and be clear about your offering. Remember, you’re reaching out to provide value, and in return, you’ll be building backlinks, so make sure that your pitch is as enjoyable as it can be to your target.

2. Find Competitors’ Broken Links 

Find Competitors’ Broken Links

Always be on the lookout for broken links from your competitors. These opportunities are not only optimal to build high quality backlinks but can also help you establish rapport with relevant websites. The process is relatively simple.

Just keep analyzing the websites your competitors are using to place their backlinks. Anytime you see a broken link, you can contact the website to update the broken link by removing your competitor’s backlink and placing yours.

While this might seem like a tedious task at first glance, keep in mind that it is still one of the most popular ways on how to build quality backlinks for your website.

3. Get linked to unlinked brand mentions

This is another strategy to increase best backlinks, which requires a lot of online snooping. However, just like the previous strategy, it works elegantly to get good backlinks for SEO. The idea is to find out pages where your website has been mentioned but not linked.

Once you find a page that has mentioned you without a backlink, all you need to do is contact the editor or the admin to turn your brand mention into an anchor text pointing to your homepage. This method of increasing backlinks will not only ensure that more websites are placing backlinks pointing back to you but will also help you establish communications with the websites relevant to your niche.

4. Learn what works from Competitor Analysis

Link Building has never been an exact science. As such, it’s important that you are aware of what works and what doesn’t. Also, as Google keeps on coming up with newer updates almost every month, what worked yesterday may not necessarily work today.

However, keeping track of your competitors to hone your own strategy is always a good tip. By knowing the strategies being employed by your competitors, you can assess which strategies are the most successful and which strategies may not work. This could also be dependent on the niche of your own website and its overall presence on the SERPs.

Dive deep into the workings of your competitors’ websites, especially the ones ranking in the top 10. Content is the first priority if you want your web pages to rank up. The more helpful your content is to your users, the more likely it is to dominate the SERPs, according to the Helpful Content Update.

Your competitor’s acquired backlinks should also provide you with insights into the strategies they might be using. There could be various reasons behind their high rankings, but if you could reverse-engineer their tactics and apply them to your own website with the right vision, you could replace your competitors to top the SERPs.

Another common strategy that you might rather easily apply is going after the websites your competitors are using to place their backlinks. This can help you get backlinks from domains relevant to your niche, too.

5. Create Linkable Assets

Create Linkable Assets

Even though you have probably heard the phrase “Content is King” a million times, it holds especially true when you want to create a Linkable Asset. The idea is to create value on your website, one that not only attracts your users but every notable stakeholder from your industry but also encourages them to share it.

A linkable asset can literally be anything from a content piece to a single piece of information contained in your online glossary. The idea is to provide information that can not be easily found anywhere else. The most popular example of a linkable asset is that of infographics, which are considered gems of information summarized into a single image. As you hold the rights to linkable assets, your website gets a mention whenever information is quoted from it.

In other words, one of the best methods on how to create quality backlinks for your website. Relevant websites will be happy to provide backlinks in exchange for using your content if they can’t find any alternatives.

However, this also means that your content must be at the epitome of being exceptional.

6. Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging was and still remains one of the best methods to build high-quality backlinks. However, make sure that you have the right elements when you’re writing your guest blog. The method of guest blogging is rather simple. You approach a website that has blogs relevant to your niche.

Then, you create a content piece that not only includes a backlink to your own website but also contains keywords that are relevant to your brand but are not being directly targeted by your SEOs.

It is best not to use keywords you’re going for on your website to ensure that you don’t end up competing with your written guest blog. Instead, try going after keywords you feel the blogging website can compete on. This would ensure that your backlink’s page ranks up along with your website.

Also, make sure that the content piece you write to be posted is of exceptional quality. It should follow the helpful content system and also work based on Double-EAT (or EEAT). Crafting an awesome blog will further increase your chances of getting your blog posted on the website as well as help your website rank up.

Since your guest blog will be an off-page blog, you can’t directly advertise your product. Instead, provide a balanced exploration that directs the reader towards a better decision. The more balanced your article is, the more natural your backlink will look to Google.

The right guest blog will not only provide you with traffic but should also lift your website up on the SERPs.

7. Become a Source for Reporters via HARO.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is one of the few platforms where legitimate backlinks can be procured without payment. HARO, basically, is a platform that allows reporters to find information from people and authenticate their reporting.

When you get registered as a source on HARO, you’ll be able to find multiple niches where reporters are looking for information. As an owner of your own brand, you will have multiple insights these reporters are looking for. You can also provide information you have discovered via your own research.

Once you’re providing the information on HARO, you can simply tell them to include a backlink in their article. Congratulations! You just scored a high-quality backlink.

8. Get Involved in Events and Projects.

One of the most potent link-building strategies in 2023 is getting involved with your own community via events and projects. While doing CSR will certainly provide a lot more backlinks, it is not a prerequisite for this strategy.

However, make sure any event or project you’re undertaking as an organization is relevant to your own product or service. You can also opt to sponsor different events in order to gain more traction.

A popular method of getting backlinks via events and projects is to update your homepage banner with the new venture. Anyone who clicks on the banner should be led to the event/project page. Getting more involved with communities within your vicinity will firstly get your website a lot of backlinks from local news websites.

Remember, getting involved in events and projects should always be a well-thought strategy, so make sure you have the perfect game plan before you start investing, be it as a sponsor or an organizer.


People often stress over the question “How to build high quality backlinks?” that can really augment their SEO efforts so this guide provides a bunch of link building strategies to choose from, and craft the perfect path to ensure your website starts ruling the SERPs. Good luck and Happy Linking!

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Published on June 19th, 2023
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