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How it Works


Outreaching for Quality

Behind every successful link building campaign is a solid outreach plan. And with Link Building HQ, you gain the additional advantage of our deep relations with the top publications in nearly every industry, allowing you to earn top-notch backlinks every time you place an order.

Writing Cutting-Edge Content

Effective outreaching needs to be backed by link-worthy content. Again, we’ve got you covered. Let our experienced team of native English writers work their magic to create fresh, relevant and needle-moving content for you.

Link Placement Optimization

After your content has passed the tight scrutiny of our editorial team, we place your link in the main content, optimizing the placement for maximum link juice. Not only can you see each step of the order progress on your own dashboard, you can also download an unbranded, white-labeled, report.

Is Link building HQ for Me?

Anyone can benefit from our services.


Regardless of whether you're a freelancer or part of an in-house SEO team, having the ability to outsource the majority of your external link building work frees up your time and gives you the chance to focus on what really matters; whether it’s delivering quality content or making any technical fixes to your website.


If you’re an agency, you’re nearly always busy (trust us, we know from first-hand experience) and don’t always have the time to stress over link building. To grow your business, we give you a chance to scale your link building efforts. You get all the credit too, as our white label reports can be customized according to your needs.


As a marketer, your first focus should be marketing, not link building. By delegating this work to experts such as Link Building HQ, you can concentrate on real marketing and let us take care of link building efforts. Choose from a variety of our packages to see which option best fits your business requirements.

Client Testimonials

"Link Building HQ's SEO services are amazing. I was adamant about hiring only a white hat backlink service and they have secured top quality links for me on a number of well reputed blogs. My brand name has gained a lot of traction!"


sophie & trey
"Super happy to have a link in Dogington Post. I am a big advocate for links like this, done in this way, to this quality. This will form part of any growth strategy that I employ when my budget allows"

Matt Joseph

Nostics Pvt Ltd
"His team has made links planning 10x easier for me."

Michael Greenberg

Call for Content
"Really great service. These guys offer placements on premium sites at excellent prices. We've seen excellent movement in the search results. Highly recommended"

Ryan Turner

"Excellent service! High quality outreach to real blogs. All done through an efficient user interface. Great results"

Paul Clifford

PageOne Traffic

Results Speak for Themselves

We're proud to work with agencies all over the world helping deliver high-quality links for their clients.
Have a look at a few of our featured case studies and see for yourself.

Driving Link Growth In The Education Niche

Find out the strategies we used to organically grow the client’s link profile to a level where they saw more than 90% increase in traffic and visibility.


Scalable Link Building For a Financial Institution

Find out exactly how we were able to create natural links from scratch for a large-scale client in the finance niche.


Earning Quality Links For A Tech Company

Find out our tactics to build an organic link profile and get consistently good results for a client in the highly competitive tech niche.

Real Estate

Real Estate Link Building Strategy That Works

Find out how we reimagined the link building strategy for a real estate client and got substantial results in record time.

Want to Get Similar Results for Your Business?


  • What is Link Building?

    Link building is a SEO strategy to improve websites’ visibility in search engines by acquiring backlinks from other websites to your own website. Backlinks from more relevant websites and higher authority tend to be more effective for higher positions in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Link building is considered as one of the most popular known ranking factors for Google.

  • What is White Label Link Building Service?

    White Label Link Building Service is an SEO business solution and service where link building projects are outsourced for execution and delivery. White labeling means doing it without branding or reference of the SEO agency. At LBHQ, we consult, create strategies, and execute link building campaigns with real-time reporting dashboard.

  • How Long are your articles?

    With every order you will receive one 700 word article.

  • How Many Links Can I Buy Per Month?

    There is no limit to the amount of links you can order, however, we recommend building links consistently to experience an increase in rankings.

  • What is your maximum turnaround time?

    All orders are processed within 30 days.

  • Is there any industry or category which Link Building HQ does not cater to?

    Any illegal content, products, services or items hateful, objectionable or defamatory content aimed at any people group, race, gender, sexual orientation or otherwise attacks on any person, business, organization, product or service; cruelty towards animals; drugs; gambling and casinos; pornography; prostitution or otherwise content found to be objectionable will not be processed.

  • Can I Pre-Approve the Content?

    Yes, for an extra $25 per article, you can pre-approve the content before it’s published.

  • What is “DA”?

    DA is short for Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a metric created by Moz that measures the authority of a particular site. DA isn’t the only metric we look at when vetting sites for placements, but it’s a good general metric we take into consideration.

  • What is “DR”?

    DR is short for Domain Rating. Domain Rating is a ranking metric developed by Ahref which shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile on a scale of 1 to 100.

Here are Some Free Tips for You

We're making this guide available for everyone. Go crazy with link building.

Use Relevant Anchor Text

This is the textual representation of your hyperlink. Most major search engines use the anchor text to determine the relevance of a keyword to a page. So if you want to rank well for a particular keyword, use that as your anchor text. But make sure that it sounds like a natural part of the rest of content.

Diversify the DA of Your Backlink Sites

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher your website’s domain authority, the better your chances of ranking well.
But how do you improve your DA? Usually, the best bet is to get an inbound link from a website with a high Domain Authority. That’s why some of the most desirable publishing platforms are websites such as The New York Times or Forbes, since their backlinks improve your DA more than a run-of-the-mill publisher.

Target Relevant Platforms

Relevance is all about how naturally connected your content is to the page that’s linked to you. Imagine a scenario: you’re the owner of a new restaurant in London, looking to establish a digital presence. Would it make more sense to get your link published on an article in The Guardian called “The Hottest New Restaurants in London” or an article by, say, a car magazine? You may not have full editorial control about how your link appears on a page, but an effective link outreaching strategy ensures you land on relevant platforms. Keep this in mind the next time you’re outreaching.

Learn to Be Patient

Remember, you’re in this for the long haul. Patience and persistence are key when building links to any site regardless of industry. If you’re in a low competition industry, you may get results within 6-8 months. High competition industries begin to show results after a year and are essentially a never ending battle. Consistency is everything and while it doesn’t get easier, the results are worth it.
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