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What Happens If I Build A Bad Backlink?

Having bad backlink on your website can be terribly wrong for SEO.  A bad backlink can stall your business’s growth, ruin all your marketing efforts and even land you in Santa Google’s naughty list.

A backlink is termed ‘bad’ when it is violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines. For the uninitiated, a link’s bad if it’s linking to:

  • A spammy site
  • A site with irrelevant content
  • A site from a link farm
  • A site that uses duplicate or spun content
  • A site that has already been penalized by Google

If your website has any such backlinks, you will see a drop in your ranking. This will greatly reduce the traffic for your website and affect your business’s growth. Your site may get excluded from Google’s index and in the worst case scenario, you may get penalized by Google.

It’s wise to perform a backlink scan. If you find any toxic backlinks, remove them right away.

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