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What are the characteristics of a healthy link profile?

Your link profile is the make-up of all the backlinks that are directed towards your website. A healthy link profile is one most likely to be recognized by search engines as natural, authoritative, and non-spammy. If you want to gauge the strength of your link profile, ask yourself where your backlinks originated from, how they were created, and what content they point the users towards.

Your backlinks must come from a high-quality source. These are websites with high page authority and tons of web traffic. Apart from this, the anchor text for your backlinks should be contextually relevant and not over-optimized. Additional key ingredients include:

  • Naturalness – the ability to connect visitors with useful value additions in their search journey
  • Relevance – linking to sites that are relevant to your business or niche
  • Depth – the number of times users are found clicking on the link
  • Freshness – how many times has the link been shared since its first recorded share (rewarded by Google’s Freshness algorithm)
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