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Can you explain the concept of link velocity and its significance in a link building campaign?

Link Velocity

Link Velocity refers to the speed of acquiring or losing backlinks over a period of time. It’s basically a rate at which your website is building backlinks. There’s no specific number for the ideal link velocity, but it’s a good indicator that helps maintain a healthy and a natural link profile.

Significance of Link Velocity for a Link Building Campaign.

Here’s why Link Velocity matters for your Link Building Campaign:

Natural growth: Search engines like Google use backlinks as a metric to measure a website’s authority and trustworthiness. A sudden acquisition of a very large number of links can appear unnatural and therefore result in penalties. Now imagine you went from a few links to a hundreds in a very limited amount of – it will raise questions. However if the all the links are acquired through genuine means then you got nothing to worry about.

Quantity over Quality: Recklessly building several links at a time can be detrimental as it becomes an approach that prioritizes quantity over quality. The end result being the inclusion of links from irrelevant and low-quality sites that can ruin your SEO.

Sustainability is key: The success of link building is not a sprint, but a marathon. If you are determined to deliver a constant flow of relevant and powerful backlinks, search engines will regard you as a valuable source of information on your topic and give you the respect you deserve.


Nevertheless, the link velocity has to be inspected jointly with other factors, like quality of links, anchor text diversity, relevance, etc. Focusing primarily on link velocity and neglecting other factors can give a very shallow picture of link-building, which doesn’t necessarily tell about the search ranking.

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