Travel Case Study

Establishing brand visibility of a resort’s website

Imagine you have a new website, and you are struggling to get backlinks from high authority and reputable websites. Also, you are working in the travel industry, where good word of mouth from other reputable brands can really make or break the deal.

These were the conditions of one of our clients. That’s where Link Building HQ stepped in to craft a stellar link building campaign to take it to the next level.


The Back Story

Our client’s business is in the travel industry of one of the largest states in the USA by size, which presents many challenges. Even though our client was providing excellent services, it was in no way possible for a newcomer to win the travel industry of such a big state without the support of digital word of mouth. Team Link Building HQ did a link audit of the client’s website and found some issues:

  • Websites linking to the client’s website were close to none. Due to this, initially, the DA and the PA of the website were also quite low, making outreach for link building really difficult. So, we created a solid link-building strategy to kick off the website’s SEO with a bang.
  • We also jumped in to rescue the outreach strategy for link building by better targeting and significantly improving the quality of the guest posts.

The Linking Revolution

It was show-time for us:

  • We started off the quest by finding link-worthy content in the client’s niche. Then, as usual, our creative geniuses crafted the best content to be used as guest posts.
  • In addition to guest posting, we repurposed the client’s existing content into infographics and shared them on heavy-traffic websites.
  • In the next step, our outreach team drafted emails that showed how our content would be valuable to the targeted websites’ readers.

We also filtered out most of the bad links from the client’s website.

The Results

  • Due to our efforts, our client’s name was established as credible alongside that of other well-known and reputable businesses in the travel sector of Texas.
  • From February 2023 to January 2024, the website traffic increased by 3155%.
  • From February 2023 to January 2024, the visibility (Ranking keywords) of the website witnessed an increase of 1105%.


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase

firefly resorts kw chart

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024
1-3 1 111
4-10 6 267
11-100 370 4164


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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