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Welcome to the world of e-commerce, where you can buy anything and everything with the touch of a button. As more businesses have entered this market, the competition has become fierce and everyone’s doing whatever they can to stand out from the competition.

Some have partnered with digital agencies to leverage the power of digital marketing. And one of the most effective ways for new e-commerce ventures to break through the clutter is to get their website’s link featured on renowned publications. However, most agencies spend a fortune in trying to create quality links, and success is never guaranteed.

That’s why more and more digital agencies are turning to us, LinkBuilding HQ. Our team uses the best link builders and follow white-hat techniques to build better links at a very reasonable price. We save our clients from going through the manual, intensive process of vetting link source candidates and posting the actual links. Thanks to us, agencies around the world have started seeing better links and tremendous cost-savings! Talk about the best of both worlds, huh?

Read more below to find out how we created fantastic links on Buzzfeed for our one of our favorite fashion and apparel brands, Sophie and Trey.

About Sophie & Trey

Sophie and Trey is an online clothing store for women. It has a variety of affordable trendy clothes as well as accessories. It was started in 2009, but it was not known by many people. Sophie and Trey had to come up with a digital marketing technique to change this problem.

The Challenge

When a new business is started, people are mostly unaware of it. You will need to work hard to promote your business through certain mediums. When Sophie and Trey began their business, people had no clue about it, which is why there was minimum traffic on their website. Since it is an online store, they had to find a way to promote their business for people to be aware of its existence.

They needed to deploy digital marketing techniques to gain traction and enter the ecommerce market. And one of the most effective SEO techniques is white-hat link building. This is the process of increasing the traffic of a website by linking their pages to other website’s content which is relevant.

Sophie and Trey needed a digital partner that could help create high quality links, generate traffic, and boost conversion to grow their revenue (sales). This was a necessary step for them in order to create awareness.

Our Strategy

Since Sophie and Trey is an online store for women, we related the keywords to fashion. This will depend on which category we are focusing on. For example, if we want to promote the website, then we would link Sophie and Trey’s homepage on the keyword Online Boutique. This will basically link you back to your website from another website.

Now to make sure that the keywords can fit appropriately on a website’s article, it must be relevant. Sophie and Trey is related to fashion, so the article must be about fashion as well. This way it will be easier to use keywords such as cute dresses or little black dresses.

This can be done if Sophie and Trey is linked on a known website. Buzzfeed is a very popular website which has basically all categories from fashion to science etc.

Buzzfeed has become one of the most popular websites globally with the Alexa rank of 295. With a domain authority (DA) of 93, a do-follow link from a relevant post can be a huge boost in terms of traffic as shown above. Getting a link on Buzzfeed isn’t an easy task but by establishing a steady reputation among the industry, we were able to get to write for them. Writing an article requires a lot of research about the type of content the portal is producing. After thorough research, we were able to get our client Sophie and Trey published on Buzzfeed.

What happened next was not what we were totally expecting: a HUGE bump in traffic. So much so, that Sophie and Trey’s servers crashed for the first (and only) time!

The Results

In Conclusion

The appearance on Buzzfeed generated an unprecedented traffic for the website. As a result of the traffic generated through Buzzfeed, the sales generated went through the roof. Sophie & Trey cultivated sales of $36,000+ through the traffic that was generated by the link placement on Buzzfeed.

Brand awareness for Sophie & Trey reached an all-time high. We discussed above that there was a significant increase in the search for branded keywords after the brand appearance on the Buzzfeed article. This along with organic keyword search results increased giving the brand more visibility, visitors and revenue.

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