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Top 8 SEO AI Tools for 2022 [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a major part of our lives. From online shopping, and finding locations, to Netflix recommendations, it’s ingrained everywhere.

With persistent advancement, we’re likely to see more incredible AI-powered features that will make our lives easier and more manageable.

In the past few years, AI has become a crucial part of search engine algorithms. Google uses AI to provide better Search Engine Result Pages to users. Moreover, its Rankbrain Algorithm, BERT, and MUM update are powered by AI.

So it goes without saying that AI’s application is only likely to expand in years to come.

As it’s causing a huge impact across search engines, your SEO strategy also needs an AI element, and that’s where SEO AI  comes in.

What Is SEO AI? 

Table of Contents

1 What Is SEO AI?

2 How Does AI Benefit Your SEO Strategy?

2.1 1. Smart Keyword Research

2.2 2. Faster Content Generation

2.3 3. Voice Search Optimization

2.4 4. Empower Local SEO Searches

2.5 5. User Experience (UX)

3 SEO AI Software And Tools

3.1 BrightEdge

3.2 Can I Rank?

3.3 Diib

3.4 Pave AI

3.5 WordLift

3.6 Alli AI


3.8 Frase

4 Final Thoughts

SEO AI or AI-powered SEO is the usage of AI tools to get higher rankings, more traffic, and create better experiences for the users.

Similarly, SEO AI software are gaining humongous attention in the industry.

So what exactly this power combo is offering and what are the unrivaled benefits that come with it? Let’s find out!

How Does AI Benefit Your SEO Strategy?

As an SEO professional, you must have a lot on your plate.

If you’re occupied with keyword research, content creation, and optimization all the time, you won’t have time to amp up your SEO.

Choose to take some weight off your shoulders as SEO AI tools can take care of all your tasks in a snap.

With its outstanding ability to understand, interpret, and store information, SEO AI tools collect, analyze, and translate data into actionable items in no time.

These SEO tools help you to explore trending topics and keywords, generate better content, understand user behavior, perform website audits, and more.

Taking care of all the time-sucking tasks, AI tools allow you to scale up your SEO and make sure your insights are in sight. As it saves a lot of time for the teams, they can switch to other essential tasks that are less mundane or require creativity.

So let’s break it down further by discussing all the SEO aspects AI is empowering:

  1. Smart Keyword Research 

Of course, the big question on every professional’s mind is Keywords. Amid extreme competition, selecting the right keywords to compete and rank higher is a big challenge.

Using traditional keyword research not only takes a prolonged amount of time but also gives surface-level data. With limited data and general metrics, there’s no guarantee of how well your website will perform.

Now, here’s the thing: what if you get to know all the keywords your audience is looking for in no time? AI SEO allows you to know that.

AI SEO tools study patterns existing in huge data sets and provide valuable keyword suggestions. The advanced model uncovers a myriad of SEO opportunities that are uncommon and not used by your competition in the industry. This allows you to attract the right audience and more traffic to your platform.

Can I Rank? Keyword Insight AI and Diib are AI-powered tools you should use for smart keyword research.

With these tools, you can save time and money while gaining fruitful insights. And on top of everything, you’re now way closer to ranking on the first page of the search results.

  1. Faster Content Generation 

Your SEO Strategy is incomplete without relevant content creation.

AI tools allow you to create more relevant, optimized, and quality content that serves as a lead magnet for your audience.

How? All you have to do is search your targeted keywords in AI tools, and it’ll surf the web to give you:

Trending topics built around that keyword

Length of the listicle pieces

The average number of sections

Content gaps to exploit

Based on the above and more factors, it becomes way easier to create personalized content for your target audience. In addition, it also helps you to improve the created content by rechecking and suggesting the best search terms to include.

In the past few years, there’s been a noticeable hike in the usage of AI SEO Content tools. They’re used to create titles, meta tags, and paragraphs quickly. But when it comes to blogs and articles, we still need human writers to turn AI-generated pieces into compelling content.

For faster content generation here is a AI tools list that you can use:, Can I Rank?, WordLift, and Alli AI.

AI tools are fueling the content generation of many businesses and helping them outrank the competition in the bigger picture. So, it’s the right moment to save your time and kickstart your content optimization today.

You’ll find a list of SEO AI tools later in this blog, so keep reading!

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

As the number of voice search users is increasing every dayVoice SEO (VSEO) must be included in your strategy.

With AI technology, you’ll open the floodgates to the online traffic that uses voice search on a daily basis.

By using AI tools, such as Frase, you’ll be able to create VSEO-optimized content for your target audience. The tools provide you insight into what type of questions users are specifically asking, and you can create content answering those questions.

Incorporating AI for VSEO can be a real game-changer and will help you deliver a better user experience.

  1. Empower Local SEO Searches

Struggling to make your business show up in local SERPs? SEO AI tools can take care of it.

The AI model boosts your local SEO searches and allows you to connect with an audience from the same region. Speaking of which, some businesses and companies solely thrive on local SEO, and AI works wonders for them. It makes sure the name shows up across all its different locations whenever someone searches for it.

SEO tools also make sure that updates or changes to your listings are picked up immediately and displayed on search engines.

For executing localized SEO, you can use BrightEdge, Alli AI, and BrightLocal.

  1. User Experience (UX)

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is a significant element of SEO. A great user experience would help you rank higher and drive more traffic to your website.

As Google Ranking Factor is more focused on the user experience since 2021, SEO and UX go hand in hand now.

A good UX contains many factors, including easy navigation, appealing visuals, well-written content, credible links, fast loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and more.

So it comes down to what kind of UX your webpages are offering to users.

In the ongoing year, you need to upgrade your SEO strategy on the basis of relevant UX metrics. Speaking of which, SEO AI tools can help you big time!

The AI-powered tool, Market Brew is widely used as it can act as a search engine and give recommendations on improving UX. Similarly, we also have other incredible tools on our AI tools list, such as BrightEdge and Diib.

With advanced SEO AI softwares, it’s easier than ever to know what your page experience is lacking and how to improve it.

Now, let’s have a look at some outstanding AI SEO software and tools:

SEO AI Software And Tools 


The AI-powered software, BrightEdge offers Hyperlocal SEO, keyword reporting, datacube, intent signal, page reporting, content suggestions, the share of voice, and the story builder. Its exclusive ‘Hyperlocal’ feature allows you to map out keywords in a specific region, city, or country.

Can I Rank?

It offers keyword difficulty scores and data-driven recommendations. Can I Rank? uses modern data analytics to analyze the web and brings you defined insights for better rankings. The tool greatly helps with analysis and opportunity identification in three major areas of Content, SEO, and Social.


This SEO AI tool enables you to measure your performance, manage analytics and identify myriad opportunities. Diib analyzes your website against your competition and the industry benchmark and suggests site changes. Moreover, it provides you with the best keywords to improve your rankings on search engines.

Pave AI

The AI-based tool improves your marketing strategy by garnering data from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. PaveAI offers custom data-driven recommendations by surfing across 16+ million combinations on all marketing channels. Its features include campaign management, keyword tracking, user interaction tracking, and more.


WordLift offers so many incredible features, including Automatic Schema markup, rich snippets, Woocommerce SEO, image SEO, content recommendation widgets, and more. It allows your website to speak Google’s language by transforming content into structured data. With so many options

Alli AI

Alli AI serves as an all-in-one SEO platform to optimize websites. It allows users to elevate their website content strategy by simplifying the SEO process. It helps with keyword research, building quality backlinks, optimizing content, and more tasks.

With, you can create content for websites, ads, social media posts, emails, sales copy, etc., in just a few clicks. All you have to do is add a line or two about what you’re selling, and it’ll give you the ten results of the content generated. Then, you can edit the content or run the tool again.


Optimize your content for VSEO with Frase. The AI-powered tool allows you to create content around the search queries people ask.

It collects and displays question ideas from Quora, Reddit, People Also Ask section, and Search Autocomplete Results. As you get deeper insights from multiple platforms, you get a better idea of what your target audience is looking for. Speaking of which, you can create and optimize content to answer those queries.

Moreover, it also offers keyword research, keyword rank tracking, AI-generated content briefs, and more.

Final Thoughts

We’re at the onset of the SEO AI revolution that marks a new era.

The AI tools and software, including free keyword research tools, will help you deliver a stellar user experience and bring you leaps and bounds closer to your SEO success.

So, don’t stay behind! In 2022, supercharge your SEO Strategy with AI and gain maximum benefits.

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