Moving positions up the SERPs for a moving company

Back in January 2024, a moving and storage company based in Florida was struggling to keep up its SEO game in the face of constant updates. Particularly, they needed improvements in their off-page SEO domain and therefore, a representative from this moving company contacted LinkBuilding HQ. After an in-depth conversation with the movers, Team LinkBuilding HQ recognized that this project presents a considerable challenge. 

It was realized that a proper link building campaign was necessary for the relocation service providers to improve their visibility on SERPs. LinkBuilding HQ instantly began scheming a winner strategy to make relevant high-authority websites.


The Big Idea

The most important missing piece in our client’s SEO puzzle was the link-building aspect. Even though their technical and on-page SEO were satisfactory, the website’s visibility was being compromised by poor off-page SEO.


After crafting an extraordinary strategy for upgrading the Off-page SEO for our client, we entered the execution phase with a massive task at hand: to create more than 50 backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites within 6 months in the moving and storage industries. Our experts took the following steps to ensure remarkable online visibility for our client: 

  • We created a list of all the relevant and authoritative websites in the moving industry in order to reach them for high-quality backlinks. We expanded our horizons, and instead of sticking to just the moving industry, we also found relevant websites in the travel industry to gain backlinks. 
  • We leveraged the company’s presence in the social groups to find opportunities to get backlinks from high-quality websites and also social media channels with high following. 
  • We also managed to get listings and reviews on directories like Yelp and to increase the visibility of the company across a range of platforms where people who want moving services look for options. 

The Results

  • In the midst of the turmoil caused by new updates, our team managed to create more than 60 high-quality relevant backlinks within just 6 months. This massively improved the online visibility of our client with their website placed higher up in the SERPs.  
  • The organic traffic of the website also increased by a considerable 18% in just a few months. 
  • The visibility of the website also surged by 24%, with organic keywords in the top 3 positions improving from 46 to 61. Also, the organic keywords in the top 4 positions increased from 217 to 221.


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase


Organic KW Chart

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024 Percent Increase
1-3 46 61 32.61%
4-10 217 221 1.84%
11-50 494 689 39.47%


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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