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Moving Leads, Not Just Boxes: A Link Building Success story

A well-known and accredited international movers was struggling to improve their rankings on the SERPs, and due to their low rank, traffic on the website was negligible, making it difficult for them to generate leads. This was becoming an escalating challenge for the moving company to gain traction from the online channels. That’s when, in the middle of the year 2023, a representative from the company reached out to Link Building HQ to provide him consultation on SEO growth strategy. This task wasn’t as easy as it seemed because we had to work on the Off-page SEO of the website from scratch. However, the Link Building HQ team was confident that they would knock this one out of the park as well.


The Personalized Plan

Our end goal was simple: to increase the depth of the content on the client’s website and establish them as a credible moving partner in front of their audience. For this, we had to populate the client’s website with well-written content and also link them to other high-authority relevant websites.

The Strategic Implementation

When we started working on this case, we realized it was riddled with a lot of complications, but our team, with years of experience and having worked on all kinds of cases, made a coherent strategy. Here are the steps we took as part of our well-coordinated strategy: 

  • We created a content strategy with our client, illustrating the type of content to be updated on the website according to the stages of the customer funnel. This was done to resolve the issue of thin content on the client’s website.
  • We also identified high-DA websites, blogs, and directories relevant to our client’s business and used our best outreach strategy to contact them for a backlink. 
  • After a short period of time we started receiving backlinks from high-authority websites that really improved the traffic and visibility on the client’s website.

The Results

    • Due to our consistent efforts and a well-executed plan, we were able to achieve more than 70 organic backlinks in a span of just 6 months. 
    • From June 2023 to May 2024, organic traffic increased by a significant 53.41%

    Additionally, the website’s visibility increased by 4.71% in just a few months. The organic keywords in the top 3 positions of SERPs increased from 69 to 79, while the keywords in 4th to 10th positions increased from 344 to 461.


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase

Organic keyword chart
Case Study- Aim for Well Being



Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024 Percent Increase
1-3 69 79 14.49%
4-10 344 461 34.01%


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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