Published on June 10th, 2022 LBHQ-MNSearch Summit

Link Building HQ at MnSearch Summit 2022 (Download PDF)

We are pleased to sponsor the MnSearch Summit 2022. 

About MnSearch

MnSearch 2022 was a two day event filled to the brim with SEO awesomeness for those who want to learn about Digital Marketing from its Gurus. 

Link Building sponsored MnSearch Summit 2019, and the response brought us back for more, with more.

Two Days of Epic Learning

There are a ton of industry experts attending, speaking, and sharing invaluable knowledge.

Day 1 was jam packed as intended where people got in-depth knowledge about brand growth, agency management, PR, local SEO DEIB initiatives as well as Link Auditing.

Day 2 was sessions of SEO, PPC, Local SEO, and Link Auditing. 

The Link Audit Workshop

Tim Walczak, a.k.a, Timmy from LBHQ, hosted a 3-hour workshop on Link Auditing.
Timmy and LBHQ team shared some insights:

  1. What is Link Audit and why is it important?
  2. How to gather data using an SEO tool?
  3. How to analyze the data and identify opportunities?
  4. How to create an effective Link Building Strategy

If you missed the event or the Link Audit workshop, you can download our presentation here, where we share how we do things at LBHQ when creating a strategy for our clients.

Meet LBHQ Team at the Booth

As the advocate sponsor, LBHQ had a booth at the MnSummit, where agencies had the chance to meet the executives and SEO experts. LBHQ distributed some free tees, to remind them about why Link Building is an integral part of an overall SEO strategy, and digital marketing.

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Published on June 10th, 2022
Updated on January 1st, 2024

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