Link Building HQ Sponsored MozCon 2022

Link Building HQ Sponsored MozCon 2022

Link Building HQ sponsored MozCon 2022 and we had a great time networking with amazing people. We would like to thank them all and MozCon for such a vibrant event.

About MozCon 2022

MozCon 2022 was held at the Seattle Convention Centre from 11th-13th July, 2022.

The three day event was packed with speaker notes, sessions, networking, and other fun activities. Entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketers from around the world participated and shared insights on SEO, search marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, and more.   

Link Building HQ at MozCon 2022

Link Building HQ was one of the sponsors at MozCon as we believed it was a great opportunity to share our expertise with the industry. We had Naveed, Ahsan, and Timmy at the booth to have a free, one-on-one session with attendees who wanted to have a link-building strategy for their business. 

What were we up to..

Link Building Consultation

We gave opportunities to attendees to book 30-minute free sessions with the LBHQ team.

Link Building HQ Sponsored MozCon 2022

PS5 Giveaway

We ran a PS5 Giveaway Contest for MozCon attendees, where they had to submit a video answer to our question “Why did the chicken cross the road.’

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Greg Grifford was the winner!!! Congrats Greg!!

BOF Session

We also conducted a Birds of the Feather session that was led by Naveed, on “Do Conversational Blogs or Videos Do Better with Conversions?


We gave away some chicken tee swags to the attendees.

Link Building HQ Sponsored MozCon 2022

About MozCon

MozCon is one of the biggest digital marketing events, hosted by Moz, an SEO, and digital marketing platform. You can check out more about MozCon here.

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