Hurray, you got a new dashboard!

This is something we’ve been working on for a while here at LinkBuilding HQ. Right from the get-go, we knew our clients would love an analytical dashboard that simplifies complex data into oh-so-delicious pie charts and geeky graphs. Hey, we all want to feel like a true data wiz!

We worked really hard on it and hope you like love it. This is for you.

Here’s a quick review of your new dashboard so you can learn how to get the most out of it.

Everything In One Place

Right at the top fold you can see how many domains you’ve added, the total number of links you’ve ordered, your total spend and the number of pending links.

Monthly Status

Like many of our clients, if you’re a marketer or an agency, having monthly reports makes your life much easier. LinkBuilding HQ is your partner all the way, allowing you to see how many links you’ve ordered, how many have been delivered and how many are pending – for each month.

View & Filter By Domain

Check out how may links you’ve ordered by domain.

View & Filter By DA

Quickly identify how many links you’ve ordered by DA.

Quick Summary

Get a quick summary of your link reports. See at a glance how you’re performing, where your link went live, whether it’s a do-follow link or not and more!

Loving It Already, Eh?

With LinkBuilding HQ, creating quality links has never been easier. And there’s so much more to explore.

What are you waiting for? Head over to your dashboard, get all your data in one place and make better informed decisions on how to optimize link building for your business.

View My New Dashboard 

LinkBuilding HQ – Official Sponsor at MN Search Summit 2019

NEWS: We are pleased to announce that Link Building HQ is an official sponsor at the MN Search Summit 2019! Link Building HQ will be present among some prestigious company, including, Moz, Conductor, Rocket 55 etc.

What are we sponsoring? Breakfast and Lunch!

Why Breakfast & Lunch?

SEO conferences are stressful; the hours of listening, taking notes and networking do take a toll on the energy levels. But a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza can make it all better! *wink wink*.

What is MN Search Summit 2019?

The 2019 MnSearch Summit is a one-day marketing conference that brings together marketing and business professionals from around Minnesota and the greater Midwest for a day learning from an elite lineup of keynote and session speakers. This is an ideal event for digital marketers and business owners alike. The insights you can learn here will prove to be invaluable.

Who is Speaking?

Well, the list of speakers contains a host of industry professionals including Google gurus, seasoned SEO ninjas, and digital marketing behemoths. Of course, we have our favorites!


Our Two Cents

Search Engine Optimization is getting more restricted and highly scrutinized each day. Link Building HQ thrives on helping business owners and SEO agencies alike by providing high-quality links that meet Google’s stringent criteria perfectly. Try it yourself: