From Dipping Revenue to Digital Success- A Hotel’s Backlink Journey with Link Building HQ!

The management team of a hotel was worried about the recent dip in their revenue figures and wanted to act immediately before the situation worsened. This is one of the most popular hotels in Pigeon Forge, TN, and is well-known among the locals. Even though the hotel management has significantly invested in BTL (below-the-line) marketing, they soon realized that in order to cater to the tourists visiting the place, they need to improve their digital marketing. Soon after working on the hotel’s SEO, the marketing team realized they had neither the time nor the expertise to execute the off-page SEO effectively. That’s where Link Building HQ comes into the scene; with years of experience in the industry, LBHQ had all the right tools to skyrocket this hotel’s off-page SEO. 

Working on the off-page SEO from scratch was not easy, but our team took this challenge head-on.


The Personalized Plan

LBHQ’s team of experts developed a personalized off-page SEO strategy for our clients, including creating 100+ high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. Our client also wanted to increase the website’s organic traffic and visibility and build authority in the travel industry through collaborations and backlinks.

The Strategic Implementation

To accomplish these challenging requirements put forth by our clients, we concentrated our efforts on the following critical steps: 

  • Collaborations/Partnerships

We established meaningful partnerships with bloggers and influencers with notable work in the travel space to gain backlinks on their websites and social media. 

  • Local Directories

We also listed our client’s website on reputable local travel directories like Expedia, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. 

  • Link Building 

We also created a list of authoritative websites and devised an outreach plan to acquire backlinks for our clients. 


  • In months, we acquired over 100 high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, significantly enhancing the website’s visibility and organic traffic.  
  • Due to our consistent efforts, the organic traffic on our client’s website surged substantially by 27% in just 11 months. 
  • Moreover, the website visibility increased massively by 14.26%. The number of organic keywords in the top 3 positions increased from 27 to 48.



Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase 

Organic kw chart

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024 Percent Increase
1-3 27 48 77.78%
4-10 202 203 0.50%
11-50 510 558 9.41%


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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