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Quora for Link Building: Purpose, Methods, & Results.

Link-Building is crucial for any venture but can be a bit challenging. However, there are multiple methods of it, some of which are quite easy to do. 

Take forum link building for example. Platforms like Quora are free and just require a bit of time to drive traffic. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use Quora for link building and give a boost to your conversions and website visits too.

What Is Quora?

What Is Quora?

Quora is a forum where users can pose a question they cannot find the answer to and get a bunch of answers from other users.

Moreover, it is a great platform for link building.

In fact, this is exactly why you’re here, isn’t it? How to utilize Quora for effective link building?

But before getting into details, let’s learn what Quora Link Building actually is.

What Is Quora Link Building?

On Quora, Link Building is quite easy, as you can place links to queries. You find out the questions related to your industry or brand then provide a link to your website in the answers. 

Take an example that you’re selling Keto products. Now, all you have to do is start searching for queries and qualms related to the keto diet and products. Bam! You have found yourself an opportunity to build a link.  


You just need to swoop in like a knight in shining armor and resolve their query while contextually placing a link to your website. See how you didn’t only build a link but also got yourself a potential customer

How Is Useful is Quora for Link Building?

Although you can easily build links on Quora, these links are no-follow. It means that they don’t result in better rankings on search results. Nevertheless, you are still able to savor a lot of traffic that will indicate to Google that you are trustworthy and reliable.  

Quora is not just an essential tool for conversions and traffic but rather a lively community. Thus it is one of the easiest goldmines to gain traffic on your website. 

Try it yourself; write a generic question on Google. There is a 70% chance that you will see a Quora Link in your search results. Now, imagine your answer being among these links through Quora. 

We believe you can already see the utility of Quora for SEO here. 

Quora And SEO

We already discussed that you won’t be improving your rankings with Quora Link Building. But Quora is still an essential platform for your SEO strategy. In fact, Quora can actually help you look more legit to Google. Let’s begin with how it helps your overall SEO strategy

Overall Strategy

Thanks to Quora, your overall strategy can be better aligned. With your website links popping up in the right context, Google will be better able to assess what your business is about. 

Also, when you are answering questions related to your products on Quora, you are able to tell people directly about your brand. 

This, in turn, would make them search for you on Google, and your Brand name would have the potential to become a ranking keyword on Google.


When you answer questions on Quora and add your links to the answers, you will definitely find increased traffic to your website. This increased traffic is seen by Google as well, and therefore, you build better trust with your target audience.


When you encounter more traffic on your website from the right audience, conversions are bound to go up. This holds especially true with Quora where you’re engaging directly with your potential customers.


Although most websites prefer getting more do-follow links instead, having only do-follow links can also make your website look suspicious to Google. Therefore, it’s best to maintain a ratio of no-follow and do-follow links.

Now, there is no specific rule as to what this ratio should be, as was said by Alex Wright, the performance marketing director at Clicky Media.

Also, instead of obsessing over the ratio, your focus should be to keep a natural backlink profile.

However, you can actually score a lot more if you’re using Quora right.

Possibilities Of Link Building With Quora

Like we said earlier Quora is not just a platform but rather a community. If you approach it with the same mindset, your brand is bound to benefit a lot. When you talk to your audience and answer their questions, you establish a rapport

As you start conversing, you can use the opportunity to:

  1. Provide promotional offers.
  2. Ask them for online reviews. It will help increase credibility for other potential customers.
  3. Get connected with bloggers and get them onboard for collaborations.
  4. Get a shoutout from active influencers on Quora. You can also score do-follow backlinks (links that improve search rankings) by this.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s time we talk about how to set up your profile on Quora.

How To Set Up Your Quora Profile?

How To Set Up Your Quora Profile?

Setting up a profile on Quora is literally a piece of cake. 

In fact, it will likely take you less than 5 minutes to complete your profile. But before that, you need to make a decision to either make an account as a representative of your company on Quora or have an account as the company itself.

There is a subtle difference in execution here. Let’s explore both options. 

1. Profile As A Company 

Whereas, if you opt to create and use an official company account, you are able to establish authority via answering any queries you find. Another benefit you get is that anyone from the organization can operate the account 

However, a disadvantage you will likely find is mistrust. People don’t like talking directly to a brand, as they think brands are always advertising. So you will not have many engagements. 

2. Representative Accounts

As an individual account, you have to fill in all the profile basics as accurately as possible. While you may not be able to get the same authority instantly on your answers, you will certainly be able to develop a better rapport with the community. 

Also, the representative can also ask within the organization any questions they may encounter related to the company’s products. 

3. Setting Up Your Account

To start off, you simply need to enter your email and sign up for Quora. Simply fill out the sections you’re prompted to and log in. If you’re going with a representative account, it’s best to add your credentials like designation and qualifications too.

Also, don’t forget to create a compelling about section that includes a link to your website.

Once done, you simply have to learn the basics of Quora to commence forum link building on it.

Quora for Link Building Basics

1. Find The Right Spaces

Quora is all about spaces. These function very similarly to the Facebook Groups you might find. Quora gets queries both independently and in spaces as well, but following the right spaces will help you find more relevant questions.

When you log in for the first time on Quora, you will find a lot of spaces to follow and even search for them. Choosing the right ones will let Quora know of your preferences and interests, and soon you will get recommendations on this basis.

Finding the right spaces will also help you connect better with your potential customers as they will be the ones asking questions there.

2. Follow Your Niche

You have to make sure you are only following your niche. If you have gone for representative accounts, you do have the liberty to follow other niches, but doing this will only serve as a distraction. Furthermore, following other niches will make Quora confused about your expertise, too, and you won’t get the right suggestions. Link building on other niches on Quora is similar to linking on other niches throughout the internet.

3. Get As Specific Questions As You Can

Quora is a platform with all sorts of questions. You will usually find very vague questions with probably hundreds of answers. However, as you will start getting more specific the questions will typically have only a few answers.

These are the questions you should go for. The perfect question is a recently posted one that hasn’t yet been answered. Your potential customer will likely be waiting to get a notification from your answer there. 

4. Give Value Before Giving A Link

Remember that Quora is a community and not just a platform for link building. Your main objective here is to engage in this community and give solutions. In fact, if you give out links without any reason, your account will be blocked almost instantly.

Also, when you provide solutions and then a link to elaborate your answer, it is more likely for the reader to visit your website.

5. Format Your Answers

Quora encourages well-formatted answers. Don’t go in filling up paragraphs. The idea is to give out solutions that can be easily read and understood.

Don’t be afraid to use boldface and italics whenever the situation requires it. Another point to note is that lists are appreciated. They allow you to give more information with fewer words. 

6. Upvoting Others And Getting Upvoted

Just like we stated earlier, Quora is a community, and the more positive your demeanor is here, the more positivity you will find. One of the best ways to do this is by upvoting other answers.

You may not be the first to answer every question, but you should encourage when someone else has a valid point. Upvoting their answers and following like-minded accounts can get you followers and upvotes on your answers, too.

You should now have a good idea of how to pursue link building on Quora. But with the tips that follow, you can truly become a master at it.

10 Tips to Remember

10 Tips to Remember

1. Be Legit

Any and all information you give out should be accurate. Whether you are filling in this information while creating your account or simply giving an answer, you shouldn’t lie.

Whether you choose to represent your company as an individual or create an account in the company’s name, make sure no information is incorrect.

2. Don’t Be Boring

While Quora is not Facebook, and you cannot troll everyone, it is not LinkedIn either, so you do have the margin to be humorous

You have the find the tone here. In other words, don’t call anyone G.I. Jane 2 if there is a chance that someone Will slap you to Smithereens. However, a meme here and there won’t hurt anyone as long as you don’t cross lines

batman meme of will smith slapping chris rock

3. Elaborate When Need Be

If you’re following our previous point to go for specific questions, you will encounter questions where elaboration is necessary. Don’t save your words here. Let them flow and give as many details as possible

Similarly, you can also save these questions to answer later. From there you can create a complete blog on the question and attach the link on Quora. Remember that your focus is link building, not content marketing. You can see the difference here.

4. Plan Before Answering And Linking

Quora is not like other forums where you can simply write up an answer without formatting. Also, your answers need to be in a flow so that they are easily understandable. 

Instead, it’s better to plan before you submit an answer. Making sure that your answers look natural and the link only expands on your point will help you establish a better connection with your customers too.

5. Don’t Edit To Add Links

Quora has a set of policies to ensure answers are legit and not spammy. One of these policies is a rather baffling one.

Quora will consider you a spammer if you edit your answer and then add a link. Anytime you’re pressing submit, just take a look at whether you have added a relevant link or not. 

Adding a link is not necessary, but it is surely encouraged as you are going for forum link building here.

6. Explaining To A 5th Grader

Your tone and vocabulary are important parts of your answers. However, you don’t have to sound too British, either. Being a bit casual with known words can really help you connect better and let you be more clear, too. 

While this is easier done for easy questions, you might find it difficult with more complicated queries. But if you’re following point number 4 from above, you will be able to do it well, too.

7. Answer Questions That Haven’t Been Answered

If you answer queries that haven’t been resolved, then you just might receive more engagements. The reason is quite simple here, as your prospective customer will be eagerly waiting for an answer. 

You can also find popular questions by way of the upvotes they receive. If you’re able to select and answer the right queries, your stats will certainly be jumping up consistently.

8. Look For The Latest Questions

When you start searching for specific questions, you might stumble on ones over a year ago or even older ones. Do you think people are still eagerly waiting for their answers? It is unlikely. 

Thus, it’s best to look for newly asked questions as they are the ones that can bring you engagements faster.

9. Use The Right Anchor Texts

Anchor texts have a different definition when it comes to Quora. Unlike in traditional SEO, anchor texts do not refer to the hyperlinks here but rather the buildup that leads your reader to your webpage. 

It is preferable to be subtly persuasive for them to visit your website instead of doing it bluntly. For example, instead of saying “Check out this link for more information”, you can go for.

  • This article I wrote has 5 more amazing details for you
  • You can find a complete step-by-step guide here
  • These (number) ways are also applicable to resolving your problem
  • I recently found an article here that might help.

10. Collect Questions For Any Content Underway

When you find a question that requires a lot of information and research, it’s probably best to create some content on your website related to the topic. Depending on how specific the question is, there are chances that other people are also looking for the same answer.

Getting that answer directly on your website and providing a link with a brief description of Quora will help you emphasize better and bring more traffic to your website.

Now comes the most important question of all. 

How To Track Results Of Quora Link Building?

How do you plan on tracking the traffic you get from Quora?

Well, you will have to go to Google Analytics for this. We know that Google Analytics may seem overwhelming, but the tutorial below will be a cakewalk for anyone.

All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics and reach the dashboard
  2. Select “Acquisition” from the panel on the left
  3. Click on “All Traffic”
  4. Click on “Channels”
  5. You can then click on “Source.” 
  6. Find 

You should have a table like this after that. 

screenshot of Google Analytics showing traffic received from Quora

As you can see, the table provides all the details of the traffic you have received through Quora. You can also set a time duration to check when you are getting the highest traffic.


We hope that this article was enough for you to formulate your own forum link-building strategy for Quora. The basics and tips will certainly be the most essential factor in determining your forum link-building success on the website. 

Happy Linking


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