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Broken Links

Broken links are links that do not work. Clicking on such links usually leads to a 404 error. Links may be broken because the destination page has been moved without adding a redirect, the destination website has shut down, or the URL has changed.

Here’s a list of reasons why some links may be broken:

  • The webmaster might have entered an incorrect URL on the hyperlinked anchor text
  • The destination website may have removed the linked page (404 error)
  • The destination website no longer exists
  • The user is behind a firewall that blocks access to the destination website
  • The hyperlink is linked to a website that does not allow outside access (Intranet and/or restricted)

The drawbacks of broken links

Broken links can prove to be troublesome for both users as well as website owners. In addition, broken links also come with negative consequences for the website’s SEO.

Here’s a list of reasons why broken links can be problematic:

  • Website visitors will not have access to their desired information source
  • Your website traffic will be reduced as visitors look elsewhere for relevant¬† information sources
  • Websites with too many broken links can be a signal of low quality to search engines
  • Broken links are a sign of link rot and ultimately result in lower rankings in SERPs
  • Potential loss in revenue (advertising, affiliate, etc)

The solution to broken links

Given the aforementioned problems associated with broken links, it is imperative that webmasters quickly find and fix broken links. Fixing these issues can ensure a smooth user experience and make the content on your website easier to reach for both users and search engines.

One such solution is to manually find broken links on your website and fix each one. Obviously, there are bound to be some pages that do not exist anymore. Hence, those links would have to be deleted and removed from any anchor text.

Another method is to use SEO and link tools (available both free as well as paid) to find a complete list of broken links from any website.

Using the aforementioned methods ensures that your link profile remains up to date and signals to search engines that your website is actively being updated.



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