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What’s the Value in Zero Search Keywords?

Zero Search Volume Keywords
Figure 1. Zero Search Volume Keywords

People are often skeptical about the use of zero search keywords in their SEO strategy. SEOs wonder whether it is worth the time and effort to target zero search keywords. The apparent lack of popularity in the SEO circle also clouds the opinion of a lot of marketers regarding zero search volume keywords. In this post, we will explore what are zero search keywords, why bother targeting them, and where to find these keywords. So brace yourself, we are about to unravel the secrets of these hidden gems of SEO.    

What are Zero Search Keywords? 

Zero Search Volume Keywords are super specific long-tail keywords with little to no search traffic on Search Engines. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs provide very low or no search history for these keywords. 

It makes sense for these keywords to have no search volume, as they are highly specific and people often make general queries on search engines. 

These keywords can be further broken down into two categories:

  • An alternative phrasing of a keyword that is not commonly used to make search queries.
  • Completely new keywords.  

Why you shouldn’t disregard Zero Search Volume Keywords?

Advantages of Zero Search Volume Keywords.
Figure 2. Advantages of Zero Search Volume Keywords.

Zero Search Volume Keywords can be an important tool in your SEO arsenal, which is why it is unwise to disregard them completely. For small businesses, targeting zero search volume keywords becomes a strategic advantage. The battle for generic keywords is fierce, with the established players already taking those top spots. However, these niche, long-tail queries are the best way to reach users who are looking for a very specific product or service without the much stronger competition. It is a way for small fish to survive in the pond along with other bigger fish. Here are three main merits of using zero search keywords.  

  • Less Competition

The beauty of zero search volume keywords lies in their low competition. In contrast to the high-volume terms which are mainly the domain of the big companies, the niche queries open a wide-open opportunity for the small businesses. Through the production of high-quality content that concentrates on both the zero search volume keywords and the relevant, higher-volume terms, you can get an edge over your competitors. 

  • Hyper Focused 

These keywords are also highly specific and targeted to a very particular piece of content or information. Targeting for these highly specific long-tail queries enables you to answer precise answers to particular questions that people are asking but no one else is answering on the web apart from you. 

  • New Zero Search Volume Keywords

Google says that 15% of the searches are completely new, which haven’t been searched before. This indicates that by targeting zero search volume keywords you are capturing a significant chunk of the overall searches made on Google. 

This is also a good reason to start incorporating these keywords into your content.   

How to find Zero Search Keywords?

Now, that you understand how zero search volume keywords uplift your SEO strategy, you may want to know how to find these keywords. Let’s look at three simple ways you can find these keywords:

  • People also ask – This section of the SERP can give you a pretty good idea of the less common phrasing of a high-volume keyword. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to look at and use what your audience is already searching for. Once the good prospects are identified try to plug them into your content strategy.
  • Related Searches – You can also extract ideas for your keywords from this section of Google SERPs. This section provide you an insight into the related topics that your audience might be interested in apart from the main search query. From here you can find specific search queries that have low search volume and low Keyword difficulty that can be easily ranked. 
  • Google Autocomplete queries – A simple way to find less competitive and relevant ideas for your content is to use this feature. Just type the broad topic related to your content and let the autocomplete feature give you suggestions about similar keywords to use.  

To wrap it up, zero search volume keywords are a very useful tactic in your SEO strategy. It may not be the task to prioritize over everything else but the impact of these keywords certainly can’t be ignored. These keywords are a great way to answer highly specific queries of the audience with far less competition compared to other keywords.  

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