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Image Links Are Bad for SEO

Okay, we’ve heard this one before. And we understand why textual links are still preferred by many. But demonizing image links as bad for SEO? C’mon!

This ongoing debate has caught many analysts off guard, leaving them unsure of whether to use image links or not. The short answer: image links can be a powerful addition to your SEO optimization arsenal.
In a recent Twitter post, Google’s John Muller was asked about the relevance of such links for SEO. His reply: “Anchor text (and image alt text) helps us quite a bit in understanding context, so I wouldn’t leave it out if you can avoid It.”

In fact, image links can be even better than textual hyperlinks in some cases. Here’s how:

  • Images help create a better user experience. 80% of users are more likely to go through written content that utilizes images, while 64% are likely to retain the information presented on the page.
  • Google’s algorithms are becoming better with time, rendering the old “but maybe the crawlers just don’t get it, man” argument moot. Images can be used to optimize your SEO efforts, as today’s crawlers can focus on the alt text used for images as well as captions and anchor texts to understand the context behind their usage.

Images can be shared separately as infographics on other websites or on social media. Each time, your image link provides you with more views, more traffic, and more exposure. Now, that’s a dynamite tactic to have in your SEO toolkit!

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