How to Build Links in Difficult Niches?

Content and content marketing, is becoming the core of any digital marketing strategy and taking over the internet. It has many types; a blog, video or an advertisement. Content has become the heart of digital marketing channels. All marketers and business owners should be interested in link building, to increase the visibility and ranking among other websites. Again, it is done through related quality content and the words that market their products or services best.

What is Link Building

Link building is getting other websites to link back to your own website. Hyperlinks are usually called links, and link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to the link of your own website.

Search engines crawl between individual pages. Once your website is linked to a page on another website, it will crawl through other web pages to your linked website as well, while providing the search results. There are many tools and techniques to build links and the difficulty level may vary in different cases, the SEO experts find this job a little tricky and difficult. Hence if you can master the technique of linking, you can simply outclass other SEO experts.

Why Build Links

Google algorithms are constantly evolving. Building links are one of the important tactics of SEO. Links are a signal to Google that your site is an optimized quality website. Therefore, those sites that have more backlinks, have a relatively greater ranking. Link building can never go obsolete, in fact it will go a long way in the future.

We already know that links are the main signal that search engines use to determine the ranking of a particular website. So, the greater the number of links inside the website, the greater chances of higher ranking it has. Links can also be used for other objectives like; building relationships within the same industry involving outreach to other relevant websites, sending referral traffic as highly visited websites have greater referral traffic too, and brand building as building links can also help you in building your brand and stand out in your niche. The major factor in how Google ranks pages is the reason why link building is important.

Building Links in Difficult Niches

Link building should be natural, meaning that it should be earned rather than bought. All links are not equal, rather it is difficult to get authoritative website links, such as Forbes, but they will have a greater impact than the small and uncommon websites. Aim for high-quality links, though they are harder to achieve.

It is very easy to get attention on social media on common interest and responsive marketing niches, but when it comes to difficult niches, getting linked can be difficult. This does not mean that getting linked is impossible.

Here are the steps to build links in difficult niches.


Outreach is when you reach out to different people, socialize and tell them about your content. Every good link building tactic revolves around outreach. But every good link does not require a website full of content, it can be a link of just your brand, business, personality, product or service.

Many people link to if they like the tools or find them useful. has amazing information for forming an outreach strategy as it tells us that our tools are useful to this demographic because they help them with a specific problem.

One important thing to note down is that outreach strategies always work best with linkable assets. This means that when you reach out to people and spread the information it is most likely to be useful for them. You should reach out to people who have mentioned your target keyword in their articles and people who have linked to similar articles on the topic.

Content explorer is one of the best ways to find people who meet the first criterion. All you have to do is just type in a word or a sentence and it will search more than 1 billion web pages which match those results.

Mostly outreaching and linking opportunities are dependent on social media and content marketing strategies.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is probably one of the oldest tricks of link building. You write an article for another website blog section, about your own niche and link yourself in that piece. This is the simplest and the oldest way of building links. It’s an easy way of getting linked in difficult niches.

Blog Comments

Some may not agree, but this is another way to build your links with unique niches by commenting on the blogs, bringing in the backlinks to your website. It is very necessary to make the comments only on the relevant blog post on a certain website.

The comment should always carry your website link, in order to grab initial traffic to your website. Even if you want to comment on some irrelevant blog, it should not exceed 20 times per day.

Watch out for the quality comments made on the relevant websites consisting of backlinks to your own website. This way you might bring traffic towards your website. We cannot deny the fact that people are curious by nature, difficult niche also pulls people wanting to know more about it.

Broken Link Building/Unlinked Mentions

By mentioning the broken link of your competitor or other websites, you are already halfway through in building a link to your website. All you have to do is reach out and, convince them to convert that broken link directed towards your website link.

There are various tools available, to search for the broken link. In this method, you just have to adopt 3 easy steps and you are already there linked to some other website.

  • Find your competitors broken link
  • Update or re-create the content to which the broken link led to (competitors web content)
  • Contact the website owners, where that broken link exists and suggest them your alternative

Partner with Complementary Niches

Every difficult niche has something in common with an easy niche. We can take, earthquake disaster management company, as an example of the difficult niche. Holding in mind that there are other easy markets or brands to get linked, the earthquake disaster management holds less chances of getting traffic towards its website.

Alternatively, partnering up with the complementary niches would rather give leverage, of earning referral links through maybe a plumbing, flooring, sanitary fittings, and many other businesses that can be the source of building referral links.

Impossible is nothing — building links in a difficult niche is not a difficult task once performed systematically and creatively. Technology and human creative minds have broken all barriers to hold back thinking the various challenges. It is time to outperform in every possible direction.

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