Published on June 4th, 2019

Importance of Consistent Link Building

What is Link Building?

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Simply put, link building is an SEO marketing strategy that seeks to link an increasing number of websites/webpages to your own by placing your own hyperlinks around the internet real estate with an aim to increase the number and quality of inbound links to your own website.

Obviously, there are a number of benefits associated with link building, but one of the primary benefits is the increase in ranking based on searches of relevant keywords.

Why is it Important?

Before we discuss how consistent link building impacts your digital presence, let’s quickly run through the benefits of link building.

  1. Increases Domain Authority
    Among other things, link building has a huge impact on a website’s domain authority. We don’t know the exact combination behind Moz’s “domain authority”, but it’s pretty clear that DA’s one of the most popular measures of a website.
  2. Building Relationships
    When you reach out to other businesses for link building purposes, the chance for mutual gain increases, as does the relations between the two businesses.
  3. Referral Business
    Backlinks from good sources can significantly increase your website traffic. Depending on the authenticity of the source, this can turn into sales and then into repeat customers.

Hold your horses; learn the game first!

link-building, seo, backlinks

According to a study, 24% of SEO managers believed that backlinks are just a somewhat important factor in the ranking algorithm! There is a science behind link building, and in order to create a successful strategy, you need to know your goals. They may be:

  1. Increasing website traffic
  2. Improving your website’s domain authority (DA)
  3. Settling for less (but quality) traffic via niche blogs

A Word About Consistency

Great SEO doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to have a strategy in place about the number of links you need to build with a timeframe in mind. For instance, a highly competitive business such as a tech blog will need 20-30 links each month to get in amongst the top competitors. However, a niche brand or a highly localized business might need as little as 3 links a month to stay relevant. Check out how we price your links using industry, niche, and other factors to create the most useful and affordable link building strategy for you.

Moreover, the quality, industry, and DA of the website/blog you are publishing play an important role in your link-building strategy. Once you have that sorted, you can derive the following benefits with consistent, planned link building:

    1. Consistent Quality Links Improve Your Ranking
      Research by every SEO expert, from Moz and Neil Patel to Ahref and Link Building HQ has shown that quality links are a key indicator of your website’s ranking. If that isn’t enough, Google has also publicly stated that backlinks and content are their top two ranking factors. However, the key word here is quality: just because you have accumulated more backlinks than your competitor doesn’t mean you’d rank higher. Search engines analyze a number of factors when measuring the strength of your link, including the authority of the linking website, its relevance to your niche, and the position of your link on the page.
    2. You Get Qualified Referral Traffic
      You’ve got to remember that ranking should never be the sole metric for assessing the success or failure of your website. A lot of times, people may not land on your website from Google or other search engines (and then you’d be left wondering why life’s unfair and what the whole point of ranking on top). In a lot of cases, a sizeable portion of your web traffic is referral traffic from other websites. Basically, this means you placed your backlink on a relevant website or blog; the reader of that blog was curious enough to click on your link, and, finally, the reader lands on your website.
      This is great news for you because you’re getting qualified traffic that fits your demographics (otherwise, they wouldn’t be reading the article) and is open to at least considering your brand (otherwise, they wouldn’t have clicked on your link).
      We know the power of referral traffic from experience. Not too long ago, Link Building HQ placed a link for Sophie & Trey, a leading fashion brand, on an article in Buzzfeed. This led to a huge bump in traffic for Sophie & Trey, causing their servers to crash for the first (and only) time and triggering a spike in sales!

    1. Your Brand Stays Relevant
      Consistent link building means you are generating new, fresh content on a regular basis. By talking about the newest trends or updates in your niche, you stay relevant for your customers and are an attractive partner for sites to post your articles and links. It can also help you rank highly on search engines. Google’s Freshness Update, introduced in 2010, has been a part of the search engine’s ranking algorithm for nearly a decade. While this update is tied more to areas like the latest news, events, politics, celebrities, and trends, you can definitely get an edge over your competitors’ stale content by producing both topical and evergreen content.
    2. You Build an Awesome Link Profile
      Consistent link building helps you build a quality link profile. Here at Link Building HQ, we recommend getting links from a diverse range of websites on a variety of branded and non-branded keywords to get the best bang for your buck. Links from unique domains matter more than links from previously linking sites. A study by Moz showed that there’s a high correlation between rankings in Google’s results and the number of unique domains linking to a given page. In other words, the more diverse your backlink profile, the higher your rankings. At the same time, the authority of the linking websites matters too. That’s why you should take care to get backlinks only from a diverse range of authoritative websites and not focus on one site too much.

A Final Word

This just goes to show that consistent link building pays huge dividends. In many cases, the advantages of these links go beyond rankings, impacting web traffic and sales. While consistent link building requires a lot of effort, the benefits last for a very long time.


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Published on June 4th, 2019
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