Health Case Study

Link Building Success for a Wellness Center

At the start of the year 2023, a wellness center based in Cincinnati approached Link Building HQ to scale its link building campaign for its website.

The wellness center understood the impact of Link Building for its visibility and tried to manage an in-house link building team. However, it soon realized that outsourcing the link building campaign has a lot more perks than dealing with the hassle of an internal team. That’s when team Link Building HQ received an email for a consultation.


The Big Idea

In long run the client wanted to establish its authority as a brand in the health sector and therefore required high-quality authoritative backlinks on well-known and reputable health websites. In short-term the client wanted to increase the website traffic as it was negligible in February, 2023.

Link building for a wellness center might seem straightforward, but you should just use the center’s brand name. However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

However scalable link building is more complex than that. We used the following approach:

  • First off, we identified the relevant and high-authority blogs and magazines with high traffic in their target audience. Collaborating with these publications enabled us to craft informative guest posts featuring the excellent services and expertise of the center. This approach was to simultaneously build the brand and the backlinks for our client.
  • We managed citations and backlinks from relevant directories like Yelp and health-oriented platforms. Moreover, we contacted local community websites and publications in order to highlight the part played by the center in the well-being of the whole community.
  • Next, we contacted lifestyle and wellness social media influencers to spread the message and foster collaborations that could possibly lead to valuable backlinks.


  • From February 2023 to January 2024, we increased the organic traffic for the client’s website from 2920 to 10500, a massive increment of 260%.
  • With our persistent link building efforts, we were able to push many low-ranking keywords to higher ranks in the SERPs. The total number of ranking keywords went from 571 to 1641, a 187% increase in just 11 months.
  • In addition, the number of keywords in the top 3 positions increased by 290% in the span of 11 months. However, this task required our team to push the throttle completely. However, with a carefully planned link building strategy, we were able to push a lot of low-ranked keywords up the SERPs. We simultaneously worked on other, more competitive keywords.


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024
1-3 10 39
4-10 33 80
11-100 528 1522


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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