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Remodeling the Off-page SEO for a client

In 2023, a prominent and leading bathroom remodeling company operating in various states in the USA contacted Link Building HQ to revamp its off-page SEO. The website for this remodeling group observed a significant drop in its organic traffic and rankings in the past few years. This decline was found to be majorly due to poor off-page SEO performance. However, this was the first time Link Building HQ was working for a client in the remodeling industry; our team was ready and confident to conquer this challenge as well.


Deep Dive

A detailed analysis conducted by team LBHQ revealed a plummet in the referring domains and backlinks, reflecting the feeble off-page performance of the client’s website. On top of that, the client was struggling to approach high authority websites to link back to them due to poor outreach strategy and below-par quality of the guest posts. However, Link Building HQ’s expert team understood the case really well and just had the perfect plan to achieve success for our client.

A Foolproof Plan

Using our years of experience in the business and valuable contacts, Link Building crafted a winning strategy that will solidify the off-page performance of the website. Here are the steps we took on this transformative journey for our client:

  • Firstly, we conducted a detailed link audit of the client’s website in order to identify the low-quality and broken links. 
  • After identifying all the low-quality and broken links we started a link-reclamation campaign in order to enhance the backlink profile of the client. 
  • We also approached high-authority blogs and websites offering them premium guest posts in exchange for a link on their site. This massively upgraded the quality of backlinks on the client’s website. 
  • We also started the client’s participation in industry-relevant forums which helped in establishing the credibility of the website and thus resulted in high-quality backlinks. 

The Results

  • Months of resilient planning and execution resulted in more than 65 organic backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites drastically improving the DA of the client’s website.
  • From May 2023 to April 2024, the organic traffic increased from 2060 to 6920, a whopping 235.92% rise. 
  • In just a matter of a few months, the visibility of the website increased by 33.18%. Additionally, organic keywords in the top 3 positions increased from 12 to 33. Furthermore, keywords in the 4th to 10th position increased from 49 to 112.  


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase

Organic Keyword chart 


Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024 Percent Increase
1-3 12 33 175.00%
4-10 49 112 128.57%
11-50 615 611 -0.65%


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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