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From Code Red to Crowd Favorite: How Link Building HQ Revived a Tennessee Supper Show's SEO

A lot of businesses in different niches face difficulties in making a strong backlink profile due to the dynamic nature of the SEO world, with Google constantly introducing new updates on a regular basis. Small businesses lack the manpower and the resources to simultaneously work on their SEO and link-building and often end up ruining both of these. 

Back in May 2023, a company with extraordinary services of a supper show in Tennessee was struggling to empower its SEO to boost its online visibility. Despite doing good On-page SEO, they were really failing to take hold of their Off-page SEO. That’s where Link Building HQ enters the scene. 

The SEO team of this supper show contacted team Link Building HQ to take its link-building profile to the next level, and that too within a year. Now, this was a code red challenge, but experts at LBHQ accepted this challenge and started working on this case right away.


The Personalized Plan

Our client wanted to boost its online visibility mainly to attract people who are visiting Tennessee state and want a fun little for themselves. Additionally, our clients also travel outside Tennessee to perform in different states which requires them to have a solid digital presence. So, we created a comprehensive three-pronged approach for our clients.

The Strategic Implementation

Team Link Building HQ understood the assignment and devised a personalized plan for our client: 

  • Local SEO & Content Diversification

First of all, we optimized the Google My Business listing for our client. This ensured positive reviews and accurate information for the supper show, increasing organic traffic from their region.

In addition, our team suggested content diversification to the client. Instead of just focusing on blogs, we made a plan for them to make videos and social media posts. 

  • Public Relations & Influencer Outreach

In order to attract local media coverage, we reached out to regional tourism magazines and local news outlets. Moreover, we reached out to influencers and bloggers who create family-friendly content and collaborated with them to get backlinks from their social media handles and blogs. 

  • Travel Directories 

We identified and listed down all the best travel directories and other relevant entertainment and travel websites to get link placements. We also placed backlinks on top travel directories like Yelp and Trip Advisor which really helped amplify the traffic on the website.

The Results

The help in off-page SEO that our client received from us was truly meaningful and helped achieve some good numbers. From losing all hope to becoming one of the forerunners in the SEO race of supper shows, here are some of the noteworthy results that we got from our campaign:

  • Website traffic significantly increased by 44.41% in just a matter of months.
  • Website Visibility increased by 16.40%, with 94 organic keywords in the top 3 positions of SERPs. While 80 organic keywords are in the 4th to 10th position.


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase

Kw Growth

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position February, 2023 January, 2024 Percent Increase
1-3 104 116 11.54%
4-10 79 80 1.27%
11-100 3957 4645 17.39%

  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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