Entertainment SEO Case Study

Lights, Camera, Links! A Spotlight-Worthy Link Building Strategy for a Dinner Theatre.

Back in May 2023, a dinner theatre in Tennessee was struggling to maintain an assertive online presence, resulting in stagnant growth in the numbers of their new customers. A lot of their time and resources were being spent on SEO, but to no avail; their struggle to attract new customers was like a play stuck on repeat. They had no idea about how to do link building. That’s when a mutual connection referred Link Building HQ to this dinner theater, and hence began their link building journey.


The Back Story

Now a project from a comedy dinner theater sounds fun to work on, but establishing online credibility for a theatre is really challenging. The fact that our client just started working on SEO made it even more difficult for us to scale their link building campaign. Additionally, theatre blogs are not very common, and many already existing ones lack a strong digital presence, making outreach difficult.

The Game Plan

After analyzing the challenges faced by the client, our team knew they had to bring out their A-game. Here are some of the major tactics that we employed for our overall link building strategy for the client: 

  • Starting off, we conducted an entire website audit for the client and highlighted some key issues and fixes that could improve their blog’s SEO. (P.S. This was complimentary and not usually included in our services.)
  • We created an expansive outreach strategy that covered both local directories and active blogs relevant to dinner theatre. 
  • We worked to issue press releases about upcoming events, performances, or notable achievements of our client’s theatre.
  • We also worked on securing meaningful collaborations with event promoters’ websites to get links and promote the theatre’s upcoming events. 


  • The client was able to score several valuable collaborations from influencers, online publications, and local bloggers, resulting in both online and offline benefits. Due to our resilient efforts and innovative tactics, we made a significant positive impact on our clients.  


Traffic increase


Visibility increase

Visibility Increase

organic traffic

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position March, 2023 July, 2023
1 – 3 148 231
4 – 6 122 265
11 – 100 1012 1178
  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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