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From Unknown to Unforgettable: Establishing Brand Authority for a Cabin Rental Company

Back in November 2023, a cabin rental company decided to accelerate its sluggish online growth. This rental company wanted to establish its brand authority in the digital landscape and therefore planned to improve the SEO of their blog. 

They soon realized that Link Building is a key component of an effective SEO campaign. Since they had a smaller team working on the SEO, they thought it best to outsource the link building process to an external white-label service provider. That’s where Link Building HQ came into the scene.



Our client operates in Pigeon Forge, a city relying on tourism. Visitors from across the globe visit Pigeon Forge and use Google search results to find the best accommodation options. Therefore, businesses need to be seen online. Our client’s main focus was on attracting international tourists. LBHQ’s team of experts understood that our client needed a local SEO campaign to win the tourism sector of Pigeon Forge

The Execution

We then carefully crafted a winning Link Building Strategy consisting of the following steps: 

  • We secured backlinks from websites based in Pigeon Forge in accordance with the Local SEO approach. Apart from that we collaborated with local businesses like restaurants, attractions, or event organizers for guest blog posts or mentions on their websites. 
  • We also spread the links to the client’s offerings in multiple travel directories to increase website traffic. 
  • As part of our link-building campaign, team LBHQ uplifted the social media presence of the client by collaborating with influencers to place links on their social media profiles, which resulted in a significant influx of traffic to the website.

The Results

Due to our consistent efforts, our client was able to achieve the following results: 

  • Our client was able to establish its brand authority in the travel space of Pigeon Forge and all over the USA. Moreover, SEO for the client’s website improved considerably, making it appear more frequently on the top SERPs. 
  • In just a matter of 5 months, the website traffic increased by 38.92%. 
  • We also increased the number of referring domains for our clients by 12%. 
  • We also secured very important collaborations with local businesses, which helped our client organize joint events online.  


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase


  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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