Education SEO Case Study

Ensuring Stability on the SERPs for an Education Website

It is a fact that with multiple Google updates rolling out, it has become harder to build a premium quality link-building profile. Many niches are facing the same challenge, and the Education Industry is one of them.

In 2023, one of the eminent online universities from Washington State reached out to us with the vision of increasing their online visibility and gaining coveted traffic. But they had the same concerns and were skeptical as the link-building is fiercely competitive and tougher than ever. And this is where we came into the scene. Not only did we offer them our expertise and experience, but we also had a plan in place to turn their envisioned goals into a reality.


The Personalized Plan

As this accredited online university wanted to promote its MBA and Executive MBA Programs, we had a different approach for it. The plan was focused on acquiring premium-quality backlinks from high-DA educational sites, platforms, and blogs. Simply put, our goal was to increase the target site’s authority in the digital landscape and boost its traction.

The Strategic Implementation

Although we have overcome many challenges over the years through our expertise, we still learn something new handling the case of every client. As they’re all different and have a unique set of requirements.

Speaking of which, for this client, our team implemented a coordinated strategy:

  •  Initiating our comprehensive process, we garnered a list of authoritative websites and high-in-demand domains in the education realm. Then, we proceeded to create helpful, well-researched, and thoroughly crafted content to acquire high-quality links from those domains pointing to our client’s site.
  • This strategy worked wonders, and we started acquiring many top-notch backlinks in a short period of time.
  • As time went by, we monitored the performance of these links along with new organic traffic and visibility improvements.

The Results

  • Through our persistent strategy and execution process, we managed to achieve more than 50 organic backlinks in the span of just 5 months. However, during this period, Google rolled out 2 official updates, and there were a few unannounced updates, too. This collectively caused rank volatility across the Search frequently. As many websites experienced fluctuations due to the ongoing scenario, our client’s site maintained its progress throughout. Therefore, this truly reflects the effectiveness of our Google-compliant link-building strategy.
  • From April to August, we increased the traffic of the client’s website from 7080 to 11256, which is a substantial 58.9% increase.
  • With our cohesively aligned process, we succeeded in pushing up many low-ranking keywords to higher positions in SERPs. The total number of ranking keywords went from 9724 to 15111, which is a 55.3% increase in just 5 months. In addition, not only did we focus on picking up low-hanging fruits, but we also ceaselessly worked on highly competitive keywords to get noticed by Google’s algorithm. And that didn’t go in vain; our hard work paid off as the number of keywords in the top 3 positions in SERPs increased by a colossal 48%!


Traffic Increase


Visibility Increase

Traffic Increase
Traffic Increase

Visibility Increase
Visibility Increase

Number of Keywords Ranking on Google SERPs

Google Position April, 2023 August, 2023
1 – 3 173 256
4 – 10 635 1017
11 – 100 8916 13838
  • More Traffic
  • More Impressions
  • More Clicks

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