Centra Care is a medical care provider with locations across Florida, dedicated to providing top of the line care for patients around the clock – 24/7. Since it is available outside business hours, Centra Care is a viable alternative for individuals, especially those on a budget, who require urgent medical care. Link Building HQ has been working with Centra Care for the last 3 years and has established a highly successful working relationship.

The Challenge

When Centra Care came to LinkBuilding HQ in late 2015, it had less than 50 branded keywords and a low domain authority. Their website had also lost a significant number of Do-follow links (which allow Google and search engines to crawl back to your website).

While Centra Care had been successfully offering quality medical care to patients at their service centers, their digital presence clearly needed some work. Since users have shifted their focus to finding solutions online, even for medical care, Centra Care was clearly missing out at a massive untapped market. After all, according to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, approximately 80% of internet users (or 93 million Americans), look for medical and healthcare-related topics online. LinkBuilding HQ knew it had to bring Centra Care’s numbers up, way up, if it wanted to leave the competition behind.

keywords before
New and lost backlinks

Working With Centra Care

With our experience and expertise, Centra Care could expect a reliable increase in quality links. Centra Care also understood that the best results require consistent efforts over a period of time. So they were very happy to hear our strategy, as we laid out a complete roadmap for their brand and showed them exactly how LinkBuilding HQ would help them leverage the power of quality links and branded keywords.

Our Strategy

At the end of the day, it’s a website’s ranking on a search engine page (SERP ranking) that really matters. But lasting results require consistent efforts. To produce lasting results for Centra Care, we decided to begin by building quality backlinks from established websites and platforms that enjoyed a wide readership in the medical care niche. These links would be considered relevant, and not come off as being intrusive or spam.

But building quality backlinks was not going to be enough: we also needed to spread the word about Centra Care’s urgent care services. To associate all related services to the brand, we needed to increase Centra Care’s branded keywords. This in turn would help them acquire increased traffic. Let’s take a look at a comparison between conversion rates for non-branded and branded keywords:

Non branded and branded conv rate

As can be seen in the comparison bar graph between the two, the conversion rate for branded keywords is at least twice as much than that for non-branded keywords. This cements its importance for just about any business that wishes to cater to online searches for queries, solutions, products or services. Simply put, better conversions mean better sales.

Lifehack – (Domain Authority: 87)

Lifehack tips and guidance

If the name isn’t obvious enough, the site has hacks to for individuals that wish to change their life for the better. This includes tips and guides for relationships, life, work and health related topics.

The Good Men Project – (Domain Authority: 72)

The goodmen project

This site is dedicated to men and all their dilemmas. It has everything from politics, movies, advice, confessions and tips for sex and relationships. It also has blogs regarding health and wellness.

Pick The Brain – (Domain Authority: 64)

Pick the brain

Pick the Brain caters to individuals that wish to improve themselves spiritually and mentally. It covers topics about improving health, motivation and productivity.

City Moms Blog – (Domain Authority: 64)

City moms blog network

Much like The Good Men Project, this site is dedicated to a specific gender, but this time it is for women. It is essentially for moms that want their fix of health, fitness and stories to keep themselves going on about their daily lives with ease and comfort.

Other websites where the links were added are as follows:

Advanced MD – (Domain Authority: 51)

Advanced MD

Not to be confused with WebMD, the site Advanced MD is an all-in-one medial software solution that relies on the cloud to automate manual processes to increase revenue and improve healthcare.

Dumb Little Man – (Domain Authority: 65)

Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man covers an extensive array of topics i.e. health, relationships, life hacks, how tos, happiness, money and success.

Healthcare Design Magazine – (Domain Authority: 51)

Healthcare Design Magazine

Healthcare Design Magazine is all about healthcare institutions and their designs. It also features white papers, which are available to download for free.

Consumer Health Digest – (Domain Authority: 64)

Consumer Health Digest

The digital content website provides health information and personalized recommendations to individuals to better manage their health while enjoying greater savings.

NCHPAD – (Domain Authority: 50)


NCHPAD is a government based institution that is all about building new communities and improving existing ones.

Here’s What It All Meant For Centra Care

Our strategy and implementation led to a successful increase in branded keywords and reclamation of lost links for Centra Care. The total number of branded keywords increased from a mere 50 to 1,406 – a staggering increase of 96.44%. And Centra Care’s branded keywords now represent 13.24% of the total 10,613 keywords.

LinkBuilding HQ also reclaimed 35% of the lost links. This was beneficial for both parties, since it meant that Centra Care’s past efforts were not in vain and we did not have to start link building from scratch. Have a look at this chart to see the overall jump in keywords since Centra Care joined forces with LinkBuilding HQ in November 2015.

Current keywords

Since joining forces with LinkBuilding HQ, Centra Care has enjoyed a much better digital presence that has translated to higher traffic on their website and more visits to their offices. Clearly our mutual efforts over the last three years have paid off as Centra Care has seen remarkable growth in its business.


If you are a business providing a product or service online, you need to get the right traffic. With this case study, we hope you now appreciate the importance of link building as a core tool for effective search engine optimization. And we are sure you’ve realized that LinkBuilding HQ means good business for you. So if you’re looking for a partner in your digital efforts and wish to establish quality links that can help grow your business online, look no further than LinkBuilding HQ! Reach out to us today at letstalk@linkbuildinghq.com Our team would love to chat with you and provide you a customized plan that fits your business needs.

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