Common Industry Practices

Link Building products around the world are usually priced according to domain authority. The higher the domain authority,
the more it costs. This pricing strategy might work in some cases, but it skips out on numerous details that ultimately affect the overall
quality of the link. This is one essential reason why links of the same domain authority vary in quality, consistency and longevity.

The Link Building HQ Pricing Strategy

How we price our products is a mix of certain qualitative and technical factors that determine the overall value of the final link. For
example, a DA 20+ link starts at $40 but if that same link is placed on a niche website (such as medical or engineering),
then the price will most likely increase.

Factors Considered:
Website Category

The websites that we place clients' links on are divided into various industries such as fashion, technology, entertainment, heavy machinery etc. The entire list contains upwards of 60 industries!

Difficulty Level

Each of the aforementioned websites have a certain difficulty level based on how easy it is to become a contributor in that particular industry. We have sorted that list into different categories based on difficulty level.

Other Factors

There are several other factors that can influence the quality of a link. "Do Follow" links are usually more sought after than
"No Follow" links and
pre-approved domains/websites are more convenient for clients.

Check out the detailed "Anatomy of a Link" to get an even better idea:

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The Link Building HQ Process

Now that we've discussed the factors we take into account while setting the price, let's not forget our essential link-building process
without which securing a quality link is next to impossible.


We don't simply dive into writing your article. We conduct an exhaustive research to determine the perfect blog/website to build your backlinks on. This will be in terms of rating, popularity, traffic, industry and countless other metrics.


This is the tedious and time-consuming task of manually reaching out to hundreds of blogs to secure a guest-posting position. Obviously, a lot of research goes into this to figure out websites relevant to the client's purpose.

Writing & Editing

At Link Building HQ, we approach each writing assignment with prior research and a brainstorming session designed to bring out the best from a particular topic. Similarly, our editing process ensures that your article is approved with minimal changes.

Final Link Submission

This is an essential part that contains the most vital details regarding your link. Whether the required link is in the text body or author bio, whether your link is a do-follow or a no-follow etc. All these elements make up your link score and indicate how effective the link will be for the client.



As we've mentioned, LinkBuilding HQ does not charge a fixed rate by DA, but uses a combination of DA, industry and other factors. Simply sign up to find out the exact price of your link.

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